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REX – complex system for tracking, monitoring and localization

REX is a complex system for monitoring, protection and localization. From just one place, you can control the security of your home, movement of your car or check whether your children have already returned from school.
The system is accessible through a web interface in the computer or from a cellular phone, and nonstop assistance and technical support is available as well (24 hours/7 days).
A home equipped with the REX wireless alarm with GSM communication is both secured against burglars as well as enabling visual control by means of cameras, fire-protection security and remote control of appliances.
Vehicles may be both monitored on a map and secured against theft. The system also provides an overview of the economic aspects of the operation and of other operational data.
People can be monitored and checked through a cellular phone or special device with GPS satellite localization. This means that you can establish professional surveillance of employees working in the field, or you can monitor handicapped people who may need help, or just check what your children are doing from time to time. 
Key Features:
- car, home, children, parents – everything in one place in one environment 
- a broad range of technological equipment 
- a broad selection of possible services
- solutions for both companies and individuals
- a complex solution from one provider
- easy installation
- easy control
- 24/7 support and supervision service

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The company 1. REX SERVICES, a.s. is a leading provider of solutions and services for localization, monitoring, guarding of real estate as well as movable assets, vehicles and people. The company was founded in 1991. We are proud Deutsche Telekom European M2M Partner. Our customers are not only companies from virtually all types of industry, but also private individuals.

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